0 Project of the Week 9- Diy Jean Back Pocket


This is Constance and it's my ninth project of the week! Today's tutorial will be very fun.

And I will be sharing this super easy jean back pocket diy tutorial. It can be done in about 10 minutes, so I rated this tutorial difficulty a...

I was inspired by a previous Idea Friday, which you can see here. I basically followed the tutorial from the braided neck t-shirt from Her New Leaf, which you can find here, except I sewed it onto the back pocket of my jeans (which I felt were in serious need of decorating).

What you'll need

-sharp fabric scissors
-needle and thread
-an old pair of jeans

How to make it

Step 1: Cut slits about three and a half centimeters long, and one centimeter apart. If you want a larger braid, make longer slits and cut them farther apart, but keep the proportions in mind. The slits on the ends should be about half the size of the others, or else there will be a rather large hole at the edge when you begin to braid.

Step 2: Now begin to braid. You pick up one loop, and pull it under the other. Then you pick up another one, and pull it under the previous. Continue doing this until you see a braid form. Kira at Her New Leaf explains this better in her tutorial.

Step 3: Sew the last loop, which should be the end of the braid, to the back pocket. Be careful not to sew through the pocket, or else you might find it hard to put things in there... This is pretty basic.

Now smooth out your pocket and do the second one. Now get rocking in your newly decorated jeans!

However, I did not braid the second pocket, because I am saving it for another project... It's going to be a grand surprise. As soon as I get some hex nuts.... (hint hint). Thanks for reading,

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