3 Idea Friday 6- Dazzling Light Fixtures


This is Constance again, and I haven't posted in... forever. I'm really sorry about that. This has been one really insane week, and RuoBing was away on a trip for the past few days. Yes, this post is two days late, but you can still gather some great ideas from it.

Today's Idea Friday theme is diy light fixtures! Last time, RuoBing did hers on easy ways to decorate your room, and I really loved this vintage globe light. I decided to go more into detail and find 8 more great ways to make dazzling light fixtures! Here we go.

Diy pendant light
A very easy idea for a country side themed room.
Bubble chandelier
This chandelier is quite tricky, and not exactly a diy, but the effect is absolutely stunning.

Diy colander light fixture
This one's great for kitchens.

Diy capiz shell chandelier for under 10
Capiz shells always look great in rooms, and I think it's amazing how it was incorpor
ated into a light fixture!

Diy scrap metal light
This adds a nice contemporary touch to any room.

Diy paint swatch chandelier
We all love messing around with paint swatches... 

A perfect chandelier for my wall
In a way, this is more beautiful than a real chandelier.

Diy yarn chandelier
This is super cute and will fit nicely in a craft room.

I just love these ideas, and I hope to try them out some time. If you have any more, tell me in the comments or send an email to me! Thanks for reading,


  1. Great post Constance! These light fixtures look really awesome. You make me want to sit down and take the time to follow all these tutorials and make them! :)

    1. Thank you! I almost wish I could get the scrap metal light installed in my kitchen... It would look amazing.

    2. I bet it would! :) My fave is the bubble chandelier, but all of them look gorgeous and super creative!


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