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Hello! I'm a teenage girl  from Toronto, Ontario, who loves to create almost anything, from little kid origami projects to large scale murals. I like to believe that I've exhausted all the ideas anyone could think of, but no. Creativity never ends. I want to share all my ideas and insight in art.

I have many hobbies, which include reading, writing, long distance running, shopping, taekwondo, and woofing (that's a long story). Of course, nothing beats drawing. Sometimes I sit down and paint for a good three hours, and sometimes I'm doodling some cute little stick figure, but no matter what, I just love drawing!

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*Ruo's bio is coming soon!*


  1. Hi Constance! This is great! I visited your old wordpress blog, and it led me to this new one. I'm curious as to how you're doing with blogger. Typically, I've heard of people switching from blogger to wordpress. Not the other way around. Anyhow, been putting some serious thought into moving my blog as well. I actually need to find a website host that will provide me with some templates so I don't have to build it from scratch. Please tell your friends about http://www.decor8yourlife.com/ I try to post several times throughout the week, and I have lots and lots of ideas for my blog. Don't forget to visit my Giveaways tab. Maybe you'll come across something you'll like.
    Great blog!
    -Sandi ;)

    1. Wow, you've got some great giveaways going on! I switched from wordpress to blogger so I could have some more control over my blog. I've had a few problems like the template redesign and wordpress shortcodes... But in blogger, you have much more options, and you can even edit html, but wordpress won't let you add a single line of CSS :(

      Blogger doesn't give you very good templates, but there are blogger templates that you can download and install from online. Good luck with your blog!


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