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I recently turned on this slightly annoying feature on Blogger called "Google Comments." It basically mixes in the comments on the blog from Google Plus with the regular comments that come from the blog. Sounds pretty good, right?

That was until I saw a few problems... First of all, you need a G+ account to post, so it might be a bit of a nasty shock (ok, I'm exaggerating) when a non google user tries to write a nice, long comment, and then realizes he/she has to get a Google account to be able to post. Another issue is that if your settings are on private when you comment, then others can't see your comments, unless they are in your circles. I saw that google comments would limit the feedback RuoBing and I get from our posts, so I disabled it.

Now it seems that all the comments made with google comments have disappeared now too. I'm really sorry about the inconvenience, everyone. Just bear with me. Thank you,

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