0 Idea Friday 7- Diy Bracelets


It's Constance again! Even though I am in Quebec or New York, whatever. Didn't time this post perfectly. For some reason, I feel like I am writing a will... Anyway! Today's Idea Friday again! Our theme is diy bracelets, and since I love making jewelry (but not wearing it), I found 15 ideas.

They say hex nuts are a girl's best friend, which is probably why there are three ideas with hex nuts. Oh well. So what are we waiting for? Here we go!

Hemp bracelet
Super comfy and colourful. In the tutorial, there are multiple hemp bracelet patterns to follow.

Diy edgy safety pin bracelet
Wow, this is makes a real fashion statement! Love the multicoloured beads.

Lace trim bracelet
Wearing a bunch of these on your arm would look amazing.

Diy macrame bracelet
Oh, these are so elegant.

Stylish keychain bracelet
The braid looks so funky against the old keychains.

5 ways to make zipper bracelets
Five awesome and unique bracelets, all made of just zippers. They look great on your arms all at once!

Diy lanyard bracelet
I just love how they creatively mixed and matched all lanyard and keychain.

Sweater bangle
Wool bangles just look so cozy.

Diy braided clay bracelet
Beautiful. They have such a classy, clean appearance.

Diy fishtail bracelet
Yep, stack' em up. Arrange them all in a rainbow!

Hex nut diamond bracelet
This bracelet would look really glamorous on some dark clothes.

Diy summer yarn bracelet
Everyone loves layering charms on bracelets...

Beaded leather wrap bracelet
These are really chic and vintage style!

Transparent cuff
This gives a cool, modern look to any outfit, especially with white nail polish.

Fabric wrapped bracelet
An easy, but super cute bracelet you can make in less than five minutes.

And that's it for today's Idea Friday. I think I'd like to try the safety pin diy bracelet, although it'd take hours! I hope you guys have got your daily dose of inspiration. See ya soon,

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