0 Project of the Week 11- Pink Gown


It's Constance again for the eleventh project of the week!

This time, I did a watercolour painting of a girl in a pink gown, inspired by One Paper Addict's fashion illustration. Here's the process.

First, I started off with an outline of her figure, in pencil, on watercolour paper.

I painted in her skirt. I used a watered down mixture of vermilion, rose, and violet, and I added thicker layers along the edges of the skirt.

I painted in the top ruffles a darker shade, but kept the rest of the top the same shade as the skirt. I added a little bit of salt to create a salt resist texture, so the bodice will look like it is sparkling (but as you can see, I slightly over did it).

Then, I painted in the hair a pale shade of burnt sienna. After wards, I went over it with a darker shade of burnt umber. I added a few flowers and a headband.

The skin was a bit tricky. I mixed an extremely watery shade of burnt sienna, yellow, and white to give her a base porcelain tone. After, I mixed in burnt umber to darken the shade. I used that for the shadows.

Finally, I traced over all the outlines and coloured in her face. For the cheeks and lips, I used a concentrated shade of vermilion, but dabbed it away with tissue.

That's it then! This wasn't really a tutorial, this just described how I painted this. But you can still try this out for yourself. Send us a picture at colourfuldecorationsemail (at) gmail (dot) com. See you!

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