2 Project of the Week 8- Diy Sock Puppet

Hello, again!

Who loves.... sock puppets? I bet you do, and so do I. So that's what we're going to make for my eighth project of the week. And guess what? This is another diy, which means you can make this all by yourself at home!

What you'll need

-sharp scissors
-a small, stiff board (should be the size of your hand or larger)
-liquid glue
-miscellaneous fabric (the colour of the puppet's tongue)
-two buttons
-whatever extras you want to put on your puppet (eg. pipe cleaners, rabbit ears, etc)
-needle and thread
-and of course, a sock!

How to make it


Step 1: Pick a sock! Try to make sure it's some old sock, like this eccentric one I found in my sock bin one day. It's also better if you have already lost the other sock (or else you're wasting a whole pair!). Stick your hand in it, making sure the heel of the sock faces outwards, like a hump. Get a feel for it. Now invert the top of your sock like in the top right image, and close your hands, so it turns into the mouth I photographed in the bottom picture.

Step 2: Now take your stiff cardboard or bristol board, and cut out a rounded rectangle, about the size of your palm. This will shape your puppet's mouth, or else it will be difficult for it to talk. The paper doesn't have to be the colour of the tongue, because we will glue a fabric over it. Now fold your board in half.

Step 3: Glue your miscellaneous fabric onto the hard board. It doesn't have to fit perfectly, as long as it covers the whole surface of the board. Now trim the edges a bit, and glue it onto the board. Take the excess fabric, fold up the edges, and glue them onto the back of the board. It should look perfectly smooth from the front, like in the bottom right picture.

Step 4: Insert the mouth into the puppet. Try to center it as well as possible. After you have it placed, just hold your mouth down (refer to the bottom picture), to secure the glue. You should keep your puppet in this position for a 4-6 minutes. 

Step 5: This step is optional, but if you want to secure your mouth (it's peeling off, or not stable), you can do a few stitches around the whole rounded rectangle of the mouth. If you open your mouth completely, it will look something like the image above. Also, make sure your stiches are as close to the edge of the mouth as possible, or else it will be hard to fit your hand through.

Step 6: Next are the eyes. Take your two buttons and sew them on. Try to use thread that is the same colour as the sock.

Step 7: Now for the fun part! Decorating (why else are you reading this at Colourful Decorations)! I took what was left of the fabric I used on my tongue, and made a mustache. I also made my sock puppet a necklace, made of a pipe cleaner and some beads! Do what you want here! Some great ideas are yarn for hair, sunglasses, and rabbit ears!

After you've finished all these steps, get ready to rock your puppet! If there is any confusion, feel free to ask in the comments below. And if you want to, you can send us your puppet at our email!



  1. Great tutorial! I love how you made the project difficulty image! :)

    Olivia @ Fictionally Obsessed

    1. Yup, picmonkey for the win!


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