2 A New Author: Ruobing!

Hey, guys!

My friend, Ruobing, has now joined this blog! She loves being creative as much as I do, and we're both really excited about this new partnership, because this is one of our common interests. You'll be seeing more of her soon, but here's a short introduction from her so far.
What’s up?
 I’m Ruo, short for RuoBing. I hold quite an interest in any subject of the arts. I am open to all different styles and medias of art and am willing to experience and dive down deep into something I am passionate about. Once I had heard about this amazing blog, I had decided for the best of it that I could pitch in by providing my knowledge on what I think can inspire and improve. I strive for the best, yet somehow I manage to be a pessimist and perfectionist at the same time. I hope my efforts towards Colourful Decorations will soon pay off, and with that, you can contact me by Google+ here.
I hope to see you soon! ~Ruo :) 

Please give her a warm welcome! Thank you!


  1. That's great! I can't wait to see more if Ruobin on the blog :)


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